Animal fun to play

New games at Pegasus Spiele: Honey and Poo Poo Pets

Friedberg, 05-04-2021: This summer Pegasus Spiele will release two new games in which small animals play a big role: the children's game Honey, in which the players collect nectar for their honey jar as busy little bees, and the fast-paced dice game Poo Poo Pets about some very special pets.

In Honey, by Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloß, two to four players collect nectar from a flower meadow to make delicious honey, with the player who fills their honey jar first winning. The game trains memory and attention skills in a playful way. In each turn, a die determines how far the honey bee flies and thus into which flower cups on the game board new pollen tokens are distributed. In this way, flower stems fill up with nectar at different rates. The active player then collects nectar from a chosen flower. This means that listening carefully when stems gain pollen and remembering how much pollen is already in a flower is the key to picking the best flowers. Honey offers an entertaining game for children aged five and up as well as the whole family. The 3D game board, which is integrated directly into the game box, plus the innovative game concept and lovingly designed game components, distinguish Honey as a truly wonderful game. Honey is the first title in the Kids Fun series from Pegasus Spiele and releases this summer.

The new family game Poo Poo Pets is also animal-themed. In this wild dice game, two to four players aged eight and up play try to get as many animals as possible to move into their homes. Each player tries to roll combinations of numbers that are shown on the tiles for animals belonging to players. As soon as one of the players has rolled such a combination, they quickly press the squeaking plastic poop and the rolling stops as that animal moves to join that player. But as everyone knows, excited pets also leave behind their droppings, and so the newly gained animal tile is turned to the "little accident" side when it moves into its new home. If the animal's new combination is rolled a second time later in the game, though, that animal’s tile is removed from the game instead of changing hands. Once a player has no more animals, they are eliminated and the last player with animals wins. Designer Sophia Wagner has designed Poo Poo Pets to be a fast-paced, fun gaming experience for the whole family, with more than just kids eager to hit the squeaky pile. Poo Poo Pets is also available this summer. Poo Poo Pets teaser video.