Pegasus Spiele goes semper ludens

Pegasus Spiele takes over the distribution for several Edition Spielwiese titles in the USA and Canada

Friedberg, 01-29-2020: As of now, Pegasus Spiele takes over the exclusive distribution in the USA and Canada for Edition Spielwiese titles like Evidence as well as upcoming novelties. At Nuremberg toy fair (01-29-2020 to 02-02-2020) the German publisher Edition Spielwiese is presenting two new family games: Memorinth and Treelings. Later this year bilingual versions will be available in the USA and in Canada.

In Memorinth two to four players aged six years up get lost during a walk in the forest. To find their way out, they rely on the help of fairy tale characters sitting on the four sides of the forest. The game board consists of 25 randomly placed cards. Each turn a player may turn over one forest card without changing its position. If he connected a path, he may move his character. However, in which direction players move is determined by the fairy tale character illustrated on the turned card – the active player has to move towards them. The first player to leave the forest wins the game. Memorinth by Richard Haarhoff combines a memo mechanism with well-known fairy tale characters in a unique way. While the modular setup increases replayability, the modern illustrated fairy tale characters, designed by graffiti designer Pablo Fontagnier are the highlight of the game. 

Treelings by Paul Schulz, Edition Spielwiese's second novelty for the Nuremberg toy fair, also brings eye-catching illustrations to the table – in this instance by Michael Menzel. In the game, players compete in building the highest trees. To do so, they collect cards and create rows of cards of the same colour. In their turn players can choose to take all cards of the same colour from the market, or the colours, which are presented with only one card in the market. At the end of the game the player with the highest trees wins the game. But only trees which are as high as the adjacent trees count for the scoring - this includes own trees as well as the exterior trees of the neighboring opponents. Treelings, a family game for three to five players aged eight and up, is characterized by its unusual scoring as well as the easy access.

Pegasus Spiele also takes over the exclusive distribution for the USA and Canada of Evidence by Orestis Leontaritis, which has been released at SPIEL’19. As journalists, players try to find proof of mysterious creatures to make the front page. To be successful they have to read the hints correctly. Evidence is a card game with deduction elements and outstanding illustrations by Marek Blaha.

Memorinth and Treelings are presented at the Edition Spielwiese/Pegasus Spiele booth 11.0 / FY-06 / Deutschland at Nuremberg toy fair.