The Environment is Calling


New Deep Print Games release: Kyoto is now available!

Friedberg, 2021-04-22: A good fifteen months ago, six well-known faces in the German board game business founded Deep Print Games, a new publisher for board games: Peter Eggert and Philipp El Alaoui (formerly of eggertspiele/Plan B Games), Viktor Kobilke (formerly of Frosted Games, eggertspiele/Plan B Games) and Matthias Nagy (Frosted Games) as well as Karsten Esser and Andreas Finkernagel (Pegasus Spiele). Now their new title is available: the climate game Kyoto.

Kyoto, by Sabine Harrer and Johannes Krenner, addresses the serious subject of climate change but in a satirical manner. As representatives of some of the world’s leading nations at a climate conference, players must address some very troubling studies which indicate the environment is on the brink of collapse. Of course, these nations will do anything to save the planet... at least as long as it doesn't harm their own prosperity. 

In Kyoto three to six players aged ten and up must decide how much to contribute to reach the current climate goal. In each round, one player presents a study that requires financial support as well as the reduction of threatening factors, such as air pollution. Bribes are also allowed to change another player’s planned action, especially if this benefits a player’s hidden agendas. Each round only lasts 90 seconds, so everyone must negotiate and act quickly and decisively. At the end of a pre-determined number of rounds, the winning player is the one with the most remaining affluence, cash, and achievement of their hidden agendas. 

If a goal isn’t met, there are negative environmental consequences for the world that grow over time. If one of them, like species extinction or global warming, reaches a critical level, the game’s climate conference ends abruptly. There is still a winner, but now the leading player – meaning the greediest nation – automatically loses! Will money make the world go round? Or down?

Kyoto is now available in the US and Europe.

Teaser video for Kyoto.