Welcome to the Pegasus Spiele Blog!

More than 25 years ago, Pegasus Spiele began its journey as a small game store in Friedberg, Germany. Today, Pegasus Spiele has grown into one of the most renowned and successful board game publishers in Germany and throughout the world. But who are the people behind Pegasus Spiele? Whose stories have given form to the winged steed? We, the Pegasus Spiele team, want to give you the answers to these questions on our new blog. Going forward, this blog will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at daily life at Pegasus Spiele along with background reports, development stories, and a wealth of additional information related to our games. Experience fascinating stories and join us on our journey around the globe, to faraway worlds and exciting adventures!

Are you eager to learn about our editorial team’s current projects, what makes our new releases unique, how Pegasus Spiele is structured, and how many people work there? Would you like to learn about the people behind the names on the board-game boxes and what their favorite games are? Then stay tuned, because we are going to tell you! Along with in-depth looks into our work at Pegasus Spiele, we will also feature interviews with and articles on the company’s long-time associates, board-game designers, and distribution partners.

But that’s not all! We are also interested in hearing your questions about Pegasus Spiele and our games. Which topics should we address on this blog in the future? We are looking forward to your input, comments, and feedback via blog@pegasus.de.