Welcome to our Wholesale page!

This section of our site is designed to provide service and support to our retailers, distributors, and other industry partners.

“I am a retail store interested in ordering Pegasus Spiele games direct, can I do this?”

Yes! We are pleased to be able to service our retailers in the USA directly through this website. Simply complete your account registration to begin placing orders with us! If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up your account, please email sales@pegasus-web.com.

“I am a retail store but prefer to order through my distributor. Will I be able to get your games from them?”

Pegasus Spiele has partnered with several US distributors, listed below. If for any reason your preferred distributor is unable to provide you with a requested game, please reach out to us at sales@pegasus-web.com for further assistance.

ACD Distribution

Alliance Games Distribution

GTS Distribution

Peachstate Hobby Distribution

Southern Hobby Supply

Golden Distribution


Lion Rampant Imports

Australia and New Zealand:

Let’s Play Games


“I am one of your current distributors looking to simplify my ordering process, may I also order from your website?”

Absolutely! All you need to do is register for an account  to begin issuing purchase orders through this website. Your existing terms and agreements are not subject to any change with this new payment venue. Please continue to direct questions to your US Sales Representative.

“Can I get a catalog?”

You may view and download a copy of our 2020 Distribution catalog here.

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